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Traditional legal services are too expensive and become unrealistic for many individuals and business owners. The Law Office of Jeff Hamilton PLLC strives to provide excellent legal services, open communication and a business-minded approach in every client interaction. Part of that business-minded approach includes bundling and cost saving techniques so that a well-rounded legal strategy does not materially affect your bottom line.

Additionally, we value longevity in relationships and are committed to providing sound and consistent advice you can comfortably rely on. We practice open and continuous communication (if desired), and we will do what is necessary to ensure your happiness in our relationship.  
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Whether you are confronted with a legal or business issue, choosing the right path forward can be a difficult process. At The Law Office of Jeff Hamilton PLLC, we strive to look beyond the obvious to find the best, most cost-effective solution for you and your business. Armed with dual degrees in business and law, attorney Jeff Hamilton offers advice from the perspective of both entrepreneur and lawyer. Our legal strategies are built with an eye on the bottom line. We understand that at the end of the day, everything – including how to deal with a legal issue – is a business decision.

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