* Price includes one local filing.

** Pricing on business plans will vary based on length and complexity of business plans.

*** Pitch deck review includes personal review by an attorney and a 1-2 hour in-person review with client.

These fees represent an estimate price for a typical client project, and do not represent price guarantees. All fees are subject to adjustment based on individual client needs and concerns.


With our Startup Package, you can choose from the following services for one flat fee ($1,500 + filing fees):

  1. Articles of Incorporation.

  2. Filings with the WA Secretary of State (UBI#), the Internal Revenue Service (EIN #), the WA Deapartment of Revenue, and one local business license filing. $50/additional local filing.

  3. Bylaws. For organizations with more than 5 members, add $250.   

  4. Review of your business plan or 1-hour coaching on developing a business plan.

  5. 2-hours of consultation.

  6. Registered Agent for 1 year. $50/year after. 

For context, and to save you the math, if you wanted all of those services separately, it would cost: $1,900 + filing fees! Bundling these services allows us to better manage our costs and pass along savings to you! Additionally, if this package does not sound like the right option for you, contact us and see if we can figure out something that will work for your needs. 





All deals remain subject to change. 

*You can use this consulting time to discuss questions or concerns you have regarding your business or legal needs, example discussions may include: hiring employees, minor landlord disputes, negotiation strategies, business plan development, and more.

**Try the Executive Plan for the first time and your first month is free. If you are unhappy with the service, you can cancel the plan and receive your money back. 



We are dedicated to serving clients of moderate means, which is why we will reduce our rates for clients of moderate incomes. We use the WSBA Moderate Means Program's sliding scale model to determine income-based eligibility and then reduce our fees as follows: 

  • Flat fee and membership fees reduced by 10% for clients under 300% of the Federal Poverty Line; and

  • Hourly fee reduced by 20% for clients under 300% of the Federal Poverty Line.

Clients must provide bank statements or tax statements to verify income. We use the following table to determine the % of the Federal Poverty Line. Click here.

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