Providing sound and consistent business counsel you can rely on.

Our Mission And Values

Traditional legal services are too expensive and become unrealistic for many individuals and business owners. The Law Office of Jeff Hamilton PLLC strives to provide excellent legal services, open communication and a business-minded approach in every client interaction. Part of that business-minded approach includes bundling and cost-saving techniques so that a well-rounded legal strategy does not materially affect your bottom line.

Additionally, we value longevity in relationships and are committed to providing sound and consistent advice you can comfortably rely on. We practice open and continuous communication (if desired), and will do what is necessary to ensure your happiness in our relationship.

The core of our practice is serving the businesses, but we also provide estate planning services to the people of our community. From simple wills to Medicaid planning and complex estates involving an array of planning tools, we customize our services to the needs of each client. In our free initial consultation, we discuss your goals and circumstances to create a basic framework of plan that is right for you.

About Jeff Hamilton

Jeff Hamilton is originally from Michigan, but nearly four years ago he left for Seattle and has no plans of going back! Prior to moving to Seattle, Jeff spent seven months studying in Germany and traveling throughout Europe. Ich spreche Deutsch, aber nicht fließend. Allerdings verbessert sich mein Deutsch nach einem Maß.

Jeff has a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and is interested in emotional intelligence and team leadership. Jeff endeavors to use this background to understand clients from their perspective and to provide a safe, confidential and relaxing space for clients to open up about the difficulties they face. Jeff focuses his practice on serving business clients throughout all stages of business, but with a key interest in early formation and succession planning.

Jeff received his legal degree from Seattle University School of Law, while simultaneously receiving his Master of Business Administration at the Albers School of Business and Economics. Jeff can read a case brief or a balance sheet, he can write a legal memo or a business plan, and he can explain risks about product liability or avenues for entering a new market.

Finally, Jeff volunteers as the co-director of the Reach Enumclaw clinic, which provides general legal advice to residents of King County in Enumclaw. He also serves as a volunteer on the WSBA Low Bono Education Committee and is an active member of the Low Bono Section, whose website can be found here. For more information about the Reach Enumclaw clinic, ask Jeff by calling 206-536-3058 or filling out our online business form.