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Helping Startup Companies In All Types Of Industries

For companies in the start-up phase, we help build the legal foundation of all types of businesses. We will analyze your business plan and advise you on all of the legal aspects of establishing your operations. Let us help you with:

  • Entity formation, including:
    • Filing with the Secretary of State​
    • Filing with IRS for EIN
    • Filing for business licenses
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Corporate bylaws
  • Operating agreement​

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What Are Bylaws?

The bylaws are a set of rules and procedures that govern how your entity – and its officers, shareholders and directors – function together. Corporations need consistent and well-mapped policies regarding their internal governance and partnering with a knowledgeable business attorney can ensure that your corporate structure is built to last. Don’t download a random copy of corporate bylaws off the internet. Work with The Law Office of Jeff Hamilton PLLC to ensure the rules and policies that power your corporation are exactly what you want.

What Is An Operating Agreement?

Operating agreements are like corporate bylaws, but for LLCs and partnerships. They govern how the entity shall be run, the rules and responsibilities of its members and officers, how the company will be treated in the event of a dissolution, and more. Even if you only have one member, it is advisable that you have an operating agreement to guard against someone trying to pierce the corporate veil and make you personally liable.

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