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Resolving Legal Disputes Through Mediation, Negotiation And Other Forms Of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Is your organization facing a conflict internally or with a third party? Let us help you resolve your dispute! We can help you choose the type of dispute resolution that makes the most sense for your situation. Mr. Hamilton can help you with:

  • Settlements
  • Negotiations
  • Mediation
  • Change management
  • Partnership disputes

Negotiating a settlement can be tricky, and often emotions cloud judgment and get in the way. Jeff Hamilton has a Master’s in Business Administration and has extensive training in the emotional intelligence needed to ensure a good outcome for you and your business. Tell us your objectives and Jeff represent you today!

Using Mediation To Save Time And Money

Mediation is a great alternative to litigation and can allow your business to focus energy and funds on development and growth, rather than trials. While mediation is not as expensive, time consuming, or permanent as trial, it is still a complex negotiation with the opposing party. Let The Law Office of Jeff Hamilton PLLC help you navigate mediation and secure a positive outcome for your company. Our attorneys have thorough training in mediation strategies and know how to approach the table with the authority of a lawyer and the tact of a business professional.

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